Walrus guarantees your payments will be safe.

What does it mean that you offer a guarantee?

DoubleCheck lets you exchange payment instructions safely. If you use
DoubleCheck correctly and then your money is stolen, we will cover your

Won’t my bank or insurance company cover this?

No. Your bank won’t, because they followed the instructions you gave
them: they regard it as not their problem. If you have Crime, Fidelity,
or Cyber insurance, then probably it either doesn’t cover this scenario,
or else caps coverage well below your likely exposure.

So if I am a DoubleCheck user, any of my losses due to fraud are covered?

Our guarantee applies as long as you use DoubleCheck according to our
guidelines. You have to use DoubleCheck to transfer the payment
instructions, and you have to wire to those actual instructions!

For example:

1. You ask Pat for their payment instructions via DoubleCheck.
2. Pat sends you their instructions via DoubleCheck.
3. You send a wire to the destination you got in DoubleCheck.

Then you’re covered.


1. You ask Pat for their payment instructions via DoubleCheck.
2. Pat sends you an email with payment instructions.
3. You send a wire to the instructions you got in the email.

Then you’re not covered. (Because: how can we all know where that email
really came from)?

What if my recipient gets the money but doesn’t deliver the service we agreed on, can I get my money back?

We guarantee that the money will go to the destination specified in
the DoubleCheck transaction. But we can’t mediate business disputes
between legitimate counterparties.

Do I have to use DoubleCheck for all of my transactions?

No, we understand that not all transactions make sense for this.

You’re not a bank, how can you afford to offer this guarantee?

Our financial resources are backed by a new insurance policy, written
by a leading carrier specifically for our platform.

I need to wire $10M. Can you really guarantee that?

Absolutely. We can almost certainly handle enough for your

This sounds great, how can I learn more?

Contact us for more details about our platform and its

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